Hi there, and welcome to my art portfolio. My name is Jewell Hensley and this is my website. Here you will find all my work that I have done throughout my high school career. I hope you enjoy looking at what I’ve done and how I have improved over the years. However, each year of high school I have done different styles of art. My 2D artwork is all from freshman year and let me tell you, that was the year I found out that 2D art is not my forte. My digital design work is all from sophomore year, let’s just say that with this class I could create almost exactly what I had imagined in my mind. Now, I know there is a printmaking tab, however that is for next school year when I will be taking printmaking. I am looking forward to learning a new technique of art, especially printmaking. I know it sounds odd that I am not staying with one kind of art style, but in my opinion I feel it helps me find my medium plus I am only in high school! I know that was a long read but I hope you got the gist of what my portfolio website holds.