Self Portrait

Throughout this assignment I have learned a lot. One of the biggest techniques I have learned was the use of values and making the image look more realistic. The better valued the picture is the more realistic it will look. I have also learned a lot about how to draw the facial features and the … Continue reading Self Portrait


Earth Day Oil Pastel

Throughout this project I have learned different techniques about using pastels. In this project I used an exact o knife to extract and bring out colors in the ground. By doing that I attempted to make the ground look like dirt. I also blended a lot of colors to create a variety of shades in … Continue reading Earth Day Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel Practice

This exercise helped us get use to what it was like to us oil pastel. We had to learn to blend and saturate the drawings and colors. We also used exact o knifes to extract colors. We could not leave any white space with in the drawing. And we could not outline anything, so it … Continue reading Oil Pastel Practice