Student Hand Book Cover

For this assignment we were to design a new cover for next year's student handbook. I used an image that was taken at the school's homecoming game because I felt that it represented the school very well. This image shows how a whole school is able to come together and cheer on their teammates/classmates throughout … Continue reading Student Hand Book Cover


Camera Layout

For this assignment we were to design a camera layout with in the school. We had to make it look clean and easy for outsiders to read in case of an emergency. I used illustrator to edit the map. However, I did not get a chance to finish it due to other priorities that appeared. … Continue reading Camera Layout

Graduation Cover

For this assignment we were to create a design for the school's graduation pamphlet. I went through a lot of different designs before this one. Before, I had some of the designs in color, however I had to change them to black and white for specific reasons. However, this design still was my favorite. I … Continue reading Graduation Cover

Story Board

For this assignment we were to use illustrator to create a 6 panel story board. It was difficult at first trying to figure out how to draw and create different objects. Fortunately, I had sketched the idea out first, then scanned it onto my computer so I could trace and edit from there. The main … Continue reading Story Board

T&F Header

For this assignment we were to create a header for emails sent out by the track and field coach at the school. I used illustrator throughout this assignment, however I don't quite remember the steps I took to complete this. I found the track in the back ground to represent the track portion of the … Continue reading T&F Header