Girl in Water Droplet in Photoshop

For this assignment I was had to take an image of a girl and make it look like she was in a water droplet on the leaf image. I had three layers for this project, (1)the leaf background, (2)the girl, and (3)an identical leaf  background (respectively from bottom to top). I left 1 alone the whole time I was working. I just edited layer 2 and 3. I started with changing the opacity for 3 down to about 60% then moved on to layer 2. With layer 2 I lowered the opacity down to where I can see both the water drop and the girl. Then I turned off 1, so all that was there was 2 and 3 at low opacity. I took the eraser tool and erased layer 2 down to the shape of the water droplet on 3. After 2 looked natural in the water droplet, I moved the opacity of 2 back to 100% and turned 1 back on. I used the warp tool to adjust and move layer 2 around to make it look like the girl fit nicely in the the water droplet. In the end, the image shown is the outcome.


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