Fruit Basket in Photoshop

Our next assignment that we got was a fruit basket. With this assignment we had to take images of fruit and but them in an image of an empty basket, to make the basket look full. I used the eraser tool, quick select tool, as well as the magic eraser to take the white background out. After I did that to each image I moved all the fruit pictures to the basket tab as new layers. I used the transformation tool to adjust and move the fruit to look in proportion to the basket. After I move the fruits around where I wanted, I used the eraser tool to erase out the parts of the fruit that do not fit into the basket. Once all the fruit look naturally placed in the basket I used the burn tool as well as the dodge tool to create shadows and light spots on the fruit and basket. At the end of placing all the fruit into the basket and adding highlights and shadows, I found an image of a picnic blanket in a park. With that image, I placed the basket of fruit on it to so there is some kind of setting to the image. Once the basket was on the blanket, I used the perspective tool and adjusted the basket to look in perspective with the picnic blanket. Next, I used the dodge tool to create a shadow under/side of the basket to make it look like the basket was already there in the first place. In the end, the image shown is my final product.


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