Tiger & Cub in Photoshop

In this assignment we had to use the cloning tool. For this one my teacher walked through how to do it. We had two different images — one of the cub and one of the tiger. First, for some practice we added a stripe above the bottom right one on the tiger. Then we erased the one we had cloned the stripe from, that was above the new one, by using the clone tool and cloning the space that had no stripes. After we finished that practice, we moved on to cloning the cub in to the image. We had opened the image in another tab then made the window to show both tabs at the same time. When that was done, we took the cloning tool, selected an area on the cub (for where we wanted to start) then moved it to the tiger tab and started process. Throughout this assignment I was able to learn different ways of using the cloning tool.


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