F-150 Truck Redesign in Photoshop

Our next assignment was to design this F-150 and add the Noblesville’s cross country logo on the side of it, and learn to erase the background. We also had to learn to use the burn tool to show it on the road. When we first got the logo it had a black background, and in order for the logo to look natural on the car I had to take out the black. I took out the back background by using the quick selection tool and the eraser tools. After that I had to take out the white background of the truck, I did the same process as I did for the logo. When I completed taking the background out I moved both the truck and logo on the same document as the the road background as two new layers. I first adjusted the truck to fit the road properly and make it look like it was there all along. Next, I move the logo to the side of the truck and resized it in and used the perspective tool to make it look like it came on the truck. When I finished cleaning up the truck and logo, I used the burn tool to add skid marks on the road to make the truck look like it has skidded on the road. After I finished the touching up the truck and road, I put the words F-150 at the top and added the pictures of the gears to fill it in. This part of the assignment took me a little more time than the other parts of the project, but after I looked up how to fill the letters with the picture I understood how to do it. Throughout this assignment, I learned a lot about the tools in photoshop. I not only learned where the tools I needed were but I also learned where other tools are and how they all are used.


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