Eagle Poster in Photoshop

For this assignment we were assigned take an image of an eagle and have it show in just the letters that type out EAGLE. Throughout this assignment I was very confused. I had trials and errors quite a few times. Later on in the class, a student had gone up to walk through how they did the assignment. I felt like he went way too fast, and it was hard for me to understand what to do. He used a bunch of tools, but never showed where they were located — he used a lot of shortcuts but never said what they were and what they represented. When he finished going through the tutorial, I tried to do what he had done. I got pretty frustrated because I still had no idea with how to do it. After some time went on I finally decided to go up and ask for some help. When I went up there my teacher helped me through the steps and showed me where all the tools need for this project to get finished.


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