“Every artist was first an amateur”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Hi there, and welcome to my art portfolio. My name is Jewell Hensley and this is my website. Here you will find all my work that I have done throughout my high school career. I hope you enjoy looking at what I’ve done and how I have improved over the years. However, each year of high school I have done different styles of art. My 2D artwork is all from freshman year and let me tell you, that was the year I found out that 2D art is not my forte. My digital design work is all from sophomore year, let’s just say that with this class I could create almost exactly what I had imagined in my mind. Now, I know there is a printmaking tab, however that is for next school year when I will be taking printmaking. I am looking forward to learning a new technique of art, especially printmaking. I know it sounds odd that I am not staying with one kind of art style, but in my opinion I feel it helps me find my medium plus I am only in high school! I know that was a long read but I hope you got the gist of what my portfolio website holds.

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Digital Design – Artist Statement


Throughout the two semesters in this class I have learned how to develop ideas and designs through illustrator and photo shop. As you look through my portfolio you can see how I have grown as a digital designer over the course of this school year. At the very beginning of the year we were assigned multiple practices to improve our skills in the the different programs. We touched on how to apply the elements and principle of art digitally. At first I struggled with filling the space, that was given to me, with my design but as I continued to practice I had improved tremendously. As the first semester went on I started to learn and practice how to do simple poster designs. Within my poster designs I tried my best to stay with the theme and color scheme that was given to me by the “customer”.  These got easier as the semester went on and I became a lot faster at creating what I envisioned in my head on the computer. When we hit second semester bigger projects started to flow in and that was when I got to really apply what I had practiced on something outside of school. We designed things from posters, to maps, to even covers for programs. I was very pleased to see how all my practice from first semester had helped me become successful with my assignments in second semester.

In second semester, we did a lot more assignments that I find easier to analyze. I am able to see my progress, how I’ve truly improved, and ways I could become better as a digital designer. My favorite assignment we got had to of been the cover for the graduation program. Throughout the process of creating my design I made about ten different design before I submitted it. I focused on making the design clean and simple yet represented the school. Since the color had to be black and white all I had to focus on was how to balance the words and design on the cover. What I mean by this was I didn’t want there to be a huge design and smaller word and vice versa. All my designs had a common theme with the style of text and the size of the words. But it all came down to the layout of the cover that swayed my opinion. There were a lot of other assignments that came across my computer that I had done, but the graduation cover one stood out to me the most.

After going through my portfolio I definitely see who I am and my voice in the designs. Most of them include a clean and organized look to them and that basically describes me. A lot of what I have done throughout this year I see as valuable. I say this because I am able to see how I have changed from the beginning of the year to the end; and let’s just say I have changed quite a bit, especially with my knowledge in illustrator and photo shop. My entire portfolio says who I am as an artist and that is very important. I want my audience and visitors to see who I really am as an artist and they are able to just by looking at my portfolio. In my opinion, a portfolio is a place for artist to not only show off their work but also to let their audience to see that everyone has a starting point, whether its good or bad, and all you can do is improve if you put in effort.

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2D Art – Artist Statement

Throughout this semester I have practiced different mediums of art — oil pastel; pencil and paper, watercolor; as well as paper and glue. The two focal pieces I will be analyzing are my self portrait and Earth day final. For my self portrait the medium I used was pencil and paper, and for my Earth day final I used oil pastel. In my opinion my art pieces could use a lot of work. They are too terrible, however I just need to practice more. My oil pastel is the one that needs it most, but I’ve found that I don’t really enjoy that type of medium. However, I do my best to make my art pieces look nice and show able. Even though my pieces could use work visually, I feel that I do a good job expressing who I am. I tend to includes some details that puts me in the art piece — whether is with soccer or with other hobbies.

As the semester and even year went on I feel that my craftsmanship has definitely improved. I can see that improvement when looking at my self portrait. I took my time and paid attention to detail. By doing so, I included detail with my value, textures and even perspective. Perspective showed in my self portrait because I was able to adjust my values and make the image not be 2D. The layout and composition on the portrait was clear and neat, mainly because I was able to use a grid properly. In my earth day final I used the space that I was given and filled it with many colors. The colors I used had a color scheme, which followed the an earthy theme. There was green, blue, brown, etc.
Center of interest in any art piece is the most important part of an art piece. If it does not express the voice of an artist, it will be difficult to understand the point of it. For my Earth day project my center of interest was how polluted the world was. Foreground and background helps separate what the main focus is and what the details are in an art piece. The main focus would be located in the foreground and the details would be in the background surrounding the focus.
Middle ground is what helps the image/focus pop and brings the foreground and background together smoothly. Contrast is another big idea to put in an art piece, without contrast there would be no shadows or highlight and everything would just run together. Having balance corresponds with contrast because you need the right balance of shadows and highlights (values) to make the image to look like a cartoon. In my self portrait I made sure my values and contrast was balanced so it would not have an outline but the image still pops.
Having a voice means stating what is important to you, to everyone else. My voice is seen in most of my art projects, my earth day final is probably the one that shares the most voice. My voice in that I have in that piece says to my views and let’s them see the type of environment we are living in. All of my art pieces expresses my hobbies and interests. When looking back at my are pieces I have done they all have a common theme which is soccer. Not all of them have to do with soccer but a lot of them do. I feel that the little changes I make in my original ideas are what make my art unique. I say this because a lot of my art pieces are inspired by my surroundings and that’s what other people see. By changing the layout or even color scheme to my personality, I feel that is what makes my art pieces unique. I tend to express more thought than feeling in my art work. My earth day final, like I mentioned earlier, definitely expresses my thoughts. My portrait on the other hand expresses more of feeling, mainly because it shows a facial expression. My arts pieces, to me, means a lot. I say this because it’s all based on different types of inspiration that surrounds me.
The message I want to try and convey with my art pieces is always be happy. Now my self portrait and earth day project don’t entirely express that message but I do my best to try and hint at that message. The main way I do that is by the colors I use. I try to use brighter colors to make the image seem happy and joyful. What I want my audience to take from my art pieces are that they are able to express what ever you want from art, and you don’t have to be a professional artist to do
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